NAME:                        James Owen Griffiths   (Jim)

AGE:                           40 ish

ADDRESS:               In the middle of Wild West Wales

STAR SIGN:              Libra

JOB:                           Town Clerk to Aberystwyth Town Council, Magistrate, National co-ordinating officer (Wales) for the SLCC, part time lecturer / tutor, all round good egg


MARRIED:                 Yes, To Pat who is a Primary Teacher

CHILDREN:               Alexander and Bronwen.

PETS:                        A cat called Kizzy

HOBBIES:                  Aircraft Escape Systems, Military Aircraft, Computers, Photography, Food, Kite Flying, My Garden, Gadgets, Reading, Military History, DIY, Travel, Driving, First Aid, motorcycle touring

PERSONAL FAULTS: Overweight, I buy too many books and magazines, I grind my teeth whilst asleep (apparently), I spend too much time at the computer, Untidy,

LIKES:                        Pleasing my wife, Reading, Gardening, Photography, military history, DIY, Flight Sims, Gadgets, Family History, Kippers, the big fat juicy real ones, served with a vat of tea and some fresh toast, mmmmmmmmmm, I dribble just thinking about them!, Good manners, (maketh a man) often overlooked these days, do unto others as you will have done to you, Summer days spent in the hills watching the jets jousting, Barbie's in the Garden with a few drinks and good friends.

DISLIKES:                 Poor Manners, Disrespect for people and property, Rip off artists, Poor time keeping, Unreliability, Bullies, Letting people down, Liars, hangovers, Religious fundamentalists of any faith, Dog shit on the streets, unpolished shoes, stress, pain, ..............................

AMBITIONS:               To see my kids grow up, to fly in a military jet, to be computer literate.

FAVE MUSIC:            Dire Straits, Chris Rea, Mendelssohn, Faithless, Led Zep.

BEST MOMENTS:    Having Kids, doing 25+ parachute jumps, passing my IAM motorcycle test, passing my police advanced driving test

                                   Being a close friend of a world famous rock star (sorry I cant say who), Flying

                                    loads in Helicopters paid for by HM Govt, (Thanks Pete).

MOTO:                        Learn as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die tomorrow. Confucius


Experience is something you get just after you donít need it