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Martin Baker can be found at:

There is only one place to get your ejection seat serviced, and that is

Simply the best!

Looking for the Parachutes, Life rafts, Personal Survival Packs, Lifepreservers, Aircrew Restraint Harnesses, Aircrew Helmets, Oxygen Masks, Personal Flying Equipment, straps, packs, beacons and everything else that goes with an ejection seat?

Then try SES LtdSurvival Equipment Services

An exciting new British site from Mike Bennett that to date has been 25 years in the making. Is a huge source of information regarding ejection history and data.

For the latest in news, gossip, advice and a ton of other stuff try the Professional Pilots Rumour Network.

PPRuNe Forums

For unusual spares for seats and an excellent postage service:

The excellent Ejection Site by Kevin Coyne in the USA is a goldmine of information.

A good page with details of the SAAB seats is at:

Ejection seats in Saab jet fighters

Makers of the STENCEL / ACES II seat are:

BFGoodrich - Universal Propulsion Company

For some good photos of seats in the cockpit of older British a/c go to:


The best low level military jet photos in the world, all taken in the heart of Wales which is a major NATO low level training area. These are all taken in the raw of real military aircraft in their natural habitat.

Tactical Publications

Another good site from the USA, written by Martin Herker.

Martin Herker's Ejection Site

The U K Cockpit Club.....Interested in restoring a cockpit? There's only one club to join.

international cockpit club

Some great Aviation related stuff is at the great web site of:

Christopher T. Carey
5960 S. Land Park Drive, Suite 341
Sacramento, CA 95822-3313


Have a look at this interesting site from New Zealand. Shows promise! Keep it up lads!

Seat Colour Schemes

An Italian site designed for modellers but concentrates on Ejection Seats and their colours. Has some good photographs. Even some taken from here!!!

Has a nice section recording the restoration of a MB Mk 2D seat from a Seahawk.


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