SEATSTAR is up for sale!

  Due to one half of the Directorship taking employment with Martin-Baker in the USA, it will be impossible to carry on maintenance and product/customer support as we have done in the past.  To maintain the continuity of correct working practices, at least two people are required to carry out seat maintenance, no question!

Therefore, after 15 years of being the ONLY Martin-Baker authorised, ex-military aircraft ejection seat maintenance facility, we have decided to move on.

As a business, SEATSTAR can hit the ground running.  A fully equipped and documented company we have the infrastructure to refurbish and maintain Martin-Baker ejection seats Mks 1 to 7 and 9 fitted to ex-military jet aircraft.  We also have an 80% ability to maintain ejection seats Mks 8, 10 and 11.  SEATSTAR is ideally suited to a warbird or government organisation.  The sale would include:

a.                   All spare parts of some catalogued 5500 lines.  Consisting of, for example:

i.                     Hunter, Jet Provost, Canberra, Venom/Vampire, Sea Vixen, Phantom, Vulcan, Victor, Mk 8 and 10/11 spares including Tucano.

ii.                   Lifed items including emergency oxygen, drogue systems, (lifed stock, including cartridges, can be increased before sale).

b.         Spare ejection seats for Hunter, Jet Provost, Canberra, Buccaneer, Vampire to name but a few.

c.         A technical library (some 1100 items including all publications, drawings, and non-MB seat publication etc).

d.         GSE, seat stands and test equipment including L-39 tooling.

e.         AGS, the nuts and bolts etc that hold seat together.

f.          Miscellaneous items, PSPís, flying clothing, display parachute assemblies.

g.         All storage media furniture and fittings. 

Apart from the day-to-day fully equipped workshop, the majority of SEATSTAR resides in three 40 ft containers for ease of transportation. 

Of course we would be pleased to act on a advisory basis to help establish a new ejection seat maintenance facility or whatever the new ownership wishes, which would also help maintain the link with Martin-Baker.  We would prefer not to split the Company assets but to pass on all to a new operator. 

All current ongoing business transactions and maintenance activities will, of course, be completed.

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