Groundcrew Story

I left the Mob in 1989 but still work for the RN with Serco Aerospace at RNAS Yeovilton.

The best story I ever heard goes back to the dark ages when we had money to spend on defence and education. The Royal Navy used to have a 'Seat Bus'. Literally a mobile training unit which toured the UK and gave the civil emergency services an insight into the MB products used by the Fleet Air Arm. One of the things you learn is to recognise when a punter is not sure of something, you then focus in on them. This is how the story goes...

"... Does anyone have any questions?..  Come on you're not happy about something, what is it?"

"You said that after the parachute deploys the sticker straps cause the seat to rotate away from the occupant and then allow it to fall away?"

"Yes, that's right."

"Does the seat have it's own parachute?"

"No. It's done it's job and now it's just scrap metal."

"So what do I do if I'm sitting at home and an ejection seat comes through my roof?"

"Pray. Because somewhere up there is twenty plus tons of aeroplane without a driver!"