Martin Baker Mark 4

These photos are of the webmasters fully restored Mk 4 BSC seat from an EE Lightning T4 which was based at RAF Binbrook.

The seat has been fully restored and is 100% complete. The parachute pack contains a standard 24' four colour parachute, the Personal Survival pack (PSP) has a Mk 10 dingy and survival aids installed and the Personal Equipment Connector (PEC) is complete and in working order. Short of the explosives, this seat is ready for installation.

The front of the seat.

The display stand is a locally made item. Need one? Call the webmaster.

A good view of the oxygen system. This is mounted on a removeable "Tray".

A close up of the PEC and Oxygen system.

Here you can see the canopy jettison unit. In front of that you can see the saftey interface which stopped the main gun sear from bieng withdrawn before the canopy had gone. The lightning had a semi ridgid frame canopy which one could not eject through.

Here you can see all the tourque links above the seat electrical connections at the top of the oxygen tray.

A clear picture of the canopy ejection gun sear and the main gun safety interface on its RHS. Note the "R" pin through the main gun sear.

Tip LHS of the "4" showing the top latch wheel in position. This would not be in position on an installed seat.

Close up of the Canopy Jettison Unit fixed to rear of seat

The pilot clips his Life Vest to this lug and connects the Liferaft and survival aids to him

The liferaft (PSP) is connected to the lug by the white strap

Close up of dingy pack. (underside)

The dingy pack is connected by these quick release units

Close up of the PEC.

The otherend of the PEC. Connections for R/T, Oxygen, and pressure jerkin are seen. The "G" pants plug into the PEC direct.

Close up of the Seat. Yellow bits visible are the PSP.

A close up of the top LHS of the seat. Note the top latch wheel in position. This would be removed after maintainance