The pictures that follow are of seats in current operational use.

The webmaster has gone to great lengths to ensure that operational activities are not shown. However should anyone have any concerns regarding what is shown, please contact me here.

Shown is a Martin Baker M9 a from a Jaguar undergoing a routine service.

The lower port side of the Mk 9. Good view of the oxygen system.

The same seat showing the rear. Note the height adjusting jack in the centre of the seat. The primary ejection gun is left in the aircraft.

Upper port side. Note the top latch retraction tool in place. This allows the seat to be removed from the primary gun which stays in the aircraft.

Brilliant shot of the rocket pack. Note pen lettering showing expiry date of rocket.

Another nice pic of the seat underside.Brown markings on rocket show that it contains explosive.

A seat taken out of a Canberra

Pilot 's seat from Canberra B17