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Welcome to the RAFANASAURUS MILLENNIUM SERIES, which has now entered its 8th edition. For the first time ever and due to the effects of the Strategic Defence Review and Jointery, the RAFANASAURUS will now incorporate the TRI-SERVICE GUIDE TO TALKING BOLLOCKS.


Talking bollocks has for many years been a Military Intelligence tactic, indeed at the height of the cold war there was an estimated 12000 servicemen and civilians employed in C.L.I.T.’s (confusing language implementation team’s), although because of the secretive nature of this work this figure can not be verified.


If anyone has any doubts about the viability of employing confusing language techniques, then they would do well to remember the rousing words of Lord Trenchard on the formation of the Royal Air Force,” we must strive to make use of all the resources available to us, and if necessary we will resort to confusing the hell out of them by talking bollocks.”



In summary, it is our duty to ensure that we continue a fine tradition of talking shite, and confusing the hell out of not only the enemy, but also each other. There is nothing quite so satisfying as stringing together a sentence of rafanisms and watching the recipient nodding whilst you know he hasn’t got a clue what the hell you’re on about.


“Lets have an early stack, hit the ‘O’ club and get a shed on”, FG OFF D.Jones DFC 1941






Al’s Garage - Comical name given to a crap alcohol free detachment in Saudi Arabia.


Albert Square - Nickname for Lyneham, for example, where the Fat Albert’s live.


Ali Arse Salem - As with ’Al’s Garage’, Another lovely alcohol free detachment in the sun.


Air Tragic - Humorous play on words, meaning Air Traffic. See also The Tower, Scopies, and Anvil.


Anvil - The Sound proofed, darkened box that Scopies sit in, staring at a screen that looks like it’s playing a Sinclair ZX81 game, apparently to warn of any incoming ‘Bogies’. See also Scopies, Scope Dopes.


Argied - To get Argied, i.e. sent home early like the Argentineans in 1982.

Air Commode (n.) See Air toilet.

Air Toilet (n.) Air Commodore. Lowest ranking of Their Airships, also Air Commode.

Airships, Their (n.) Officers of Air Toilet rank and above. Float serenely at high altitude, buffeted by assorted winds and oblivious to the implications of, and confusion caused by, the edicts following their astral deliberations.





Bag Up - To bag up or chuck up. From sick bags. E.g. “I bagged up, I tell you I was blowing chunks all over the place on the Timmy”


Bang Out - 1. Term used to describe the action taken by a jockey when his jet goes tits up and he has to eject. 2. To ‘bang one out’, The practice of self-amusement usually undertaken in private.


Bean Stealers - Scaley Big Badges that find it financially viable to live in the ‘O’ Club or Old Folks Home from Monday to Friday.


Beer chits - The term used to describe the singly pay packet, which when received is divided evenly between days of the month, thus enabling him to get wankered every night.


Beer Goggles - An aid to vision when you are lashed up. They make ugly blarts look not too bad at all.


Beer Run – The journey to BFG undertaken by personnel stationed in Blighty in the few weeks leading up to Christmas, usually under false pretences and at public expense.


Bennied - To be Bennied, Being made to stay in the Falklands longer than is desirous.


Benny - A resident of the Falkland Islands as they all look like Benny out of Cross-roads.


Big Badge - One who out-ranks oneself. E.g. a Big Badge just eyeballed me; he slabbed me for being a chimp.


Big Picture - See Shebang.


Bimble - A term used to describe skiving. E.g. “F*&# this is pants, I’m off for a bimble down the Gadaffi to check out the blart.


Bird Table - The place where the peckers in charge hang out to have an ‘O’ Group.MB1999


Bivvy – Improvised shelter used for living under when playing soldiers, because the RAF won’t buy those Gucci little tents that fold to the size of a postage stamp


Black Top - Experienced during winter, the Black Top system dictates which state of hysteria the unfortunate personnel detailed will have to endure that night. Black Top season has the unfortunate habit of coaxing Wobblies and Zobits out of their offices to add their ten pence worth to the ensuing mayhem, adding pearls of wisdom such as “its the wrong type of snow for sicards”.


Blade Sail - The condition which prevails on the rotors of the wokka-wokka, between not wokking and wokking. See also wok up, wok down, wokkers droop.


Blanket Stacker - A person adept at folding and cataloguing not only bedding, but all manner of items. Also jokingly called a Logistics Technician, Supplier (retainer, more like!)  


Blart - See Helmet.


Blowing Chunks - The term used to describe the action taken after a night on the piss. Usually involves the great white telephone.


Blue Arse Fly – A name used to describe one who is extremely busy. E.g. ”I’m running around like a blue arse fly’ whilst the Sneks sit on their shiney backsides”.


Bluies - Aerogrammes for communicating with your loved ones back home when you are on dets. They are frequently free of charge.


Blue Roll - The RAF’s infamous absorbent media, available on small or large rolls and coloured blue, it is used for everything from toilet paper to improvised sink drain plugs.


B.O.B. - (abbr.) Bird Or Bloke, used to question the sex of many members of the WRAF, and some effeminate members of the RAF


Bodge Tape - The adhesive media that literally holds the RAF together. Used for everything upto getting the Tommy off the ground when it’s tits up on the pan, Dunlops dangling.


Boggy Truck - The aircraft-servicing vehicle that is full of shite, smells of racasan and is driven by the Plop Jockey.


Bondu - A bit of waste ground where you can take a blart for a quickie when you are lashed up and have got beer goggles on, after a night on the razz at the Gadaffi bop, footie club and the church. You can also bag up or blow chunks here without anyone seeing you.ÓKV1999


Bondu Bashing - The practice of taking a puddle jumper, motor bike or other wagon onto the Bondu and giving it a good hard thrash (caning its arse off).


Bop - Thursday night at the Gadaffi Bop, where the Bods is warm and the music is pants but you always get a shed on.


Brass Monkeys - bloody freezing, just like on the main drag or pan where its always cold.


Bruggers – Rodney name for Bruggen. See also Wadders, Witters, Cotters, Cranners, Laarbs, Gutters, Leemers, Saints, Lossie, Mawgers, Conners, Colters, Honners, Watta Sham, etc, etc.


Buddy-Buddy - Essential Checks of personal equipment undertaken in an NBC environment. Also known as ‘you show me yours and I’ll show you mine’


Bumph/Bumf - The good or Pukka gen sent to you via your PD Scribbly, that gives you information on your forthcoming dets or courses


Bungalow (adj.) Lacking anything upstairs, pertaining to a dullard. Often alliteratively applied to those unfortunate enough to have fore or surnames beginning with B, e.g. Bungalow Bill, an Airship from the early nineties.


Butty Run - When someone gets stiffed to go to the families or singlies Gadaffi for butties, usually after a night on the piss


Buzz the Tower - See Fly-by




Cabby - The name given to one whom is qualified in the manoeuvring of motor vehicles. Also known as a Slammer.


Chain of Command - A fictitious state whereby those with the big badges think they are in charge, whilst those with not so big badges know that they are.


Charlie One-Thirty - See Fat Albert.


Chicken Shit -Oil absorbent granules. Used in copious amounts by engineering personnel


Chimp - A tradesperson who is totally incompetent at the job they are supposedly trained to do .


Chip Bag - 1. A bag with chips in. 2. A form of headgear worn in conjunction with a stable belt, usually by sad Sac’s of which promotion has passed them by.


Christmas Treeing - The practice of Christmas treeing is that of cannibalising one tonka to get another one airborne


Chuff Chart - A backward calendar used for counting down the days till Gozome time or your appointment with Timmy the great white bird


Chunks - See ‘Blowing Chunks’


Church – 1. A place one can go to offer worship to god. 2. The R.C., (rugby club) A place one can go to offer worship to beer


Civvy Street - The place you go when you get out the Mob, a fictitious place everyone in the forces goes on about until they leave, when they start going on about “When I was in the Mob”


Clacker - Desirous young ladies. See Blart, flange, totty, snatch.


C.O.D. - (abbr.) ‘C.O.s daughter’, the scaley brat of Harry Staysh, head shed of the whole shebang .


Colonel - see Gadaffi.


Colonel Bird - Common term usually describes married females with unfeasibly large posteriors, who wear Ron Hills and white stilettos and push prams around the Colonel Gadaffi. .


Combat Kip - The short sleep enjoyed by the residents of the Old Folks Home, prior to going out to the colonel for a night on the razz


CS95 - Combat Soldier 95, issued to the RAF in 98/99, Gucci new disruptive pattern uniform that replaces your old greens.


Cop - To Cop, to take the blame for. E.g. To cop the flak.


Crated - A fine usually for being a chimp or using any words in this Rafanasaurus that takes the form of the purchase of a case of beer .




Damian - Also known as Timmy 705, a TriStar that spends a lot of its time tits up on the pan, usually in nice hot countries where you can get good rates .


D.R.A. - Detatchment Rules Apply. The rules designed to safeguard ones wedding tackle upon return to one’s blart. The rules governing gob shites and motor mouths.


Diggers - Cutlery for eating your scran in the mess. Also known as Scran Rods, Eating Irons.


Draft Notice - A bit of paper that tells you when you are getting out of this joint and where you’re going to.


Duff - 1. Ear defenders that linies paint in gay colours and adorn with humorous quotes, 2. ‘No duff’, real time situation, 3. Duff, as in unserviceable, 4. Plum duff, Christmas pud .


Dunlops - The round black rubber things that dangle below the jet or chopper, as in “Dunlops dangling, check, Dunlops dangling”




Early Stack - To “knock it on the head” prematurely. “ Chief  is there any chance of an early stack after picking me gong up from the Staysh ?” .


Eating Irons - See Diggers, Scran Rods.


Eleven – Carmichael Scammell Mark XI firefighting vehicle which the stringed fellows like to drive.  Looks like a big Ten, or similar to a Twelve.


Excess Baggage - 1. Money you get charged for your luggage being over weight. 2. Freebies and Gizzits you accumulate throughout your time in the RAF. 3. The love handles you accumulate whilst getting pissed up before your married quarter allocation. 4. The blart you can’t get rid of in the footie club, while you really want to go out  and get a shed on with your mates. (usually because you said, ”I really love you” to her when you pissed last night) .




Fat Albert - 1. A rotund chap named Albert. 2. A cavernous cargo aircraft that deafens you, vibrates your teeth to bits and drips water on you when you are coming in to land. Also called a Charlie One-Thirty or a Hercules.


Feds - See Scuffers.


Fizzer - “To be fizzed”, or to get charged. Something the Feds always get wrong.


Flag it - As in “flag it up the line”, used when the big badge you have just told of an incidence of non-compliance can’t be bothered to sort it, and tells you to pass it up the ‘chain of command’, See slopey shoulders.


Flak - Something which Ginge and Algie had to fly through so they could drop some sunshine on Baghdad. 2. Trouble, used in “to Cop the Flak


Flugel Meister  - The German term used to describe the Grob abzeichen Flight Sergeant in RAFG.


Fly-By - A condition where a jockey overflies an airfield with the toasters lit, Top-Gun style, before banging it on the deck, for maximum pose factor .


 F.N.G. - (abbr.) Falklands new guy, or “him of days to do”.


F.O.G. - (abbr.) Falklands Old Guy, time to pack your bags, pick up your re-pat chit and get on the Gozome bus, hopefully it’s not tits up on the pan at Asci.


Frozen List - A part of  the housing allocation list, where you cannot loose your place unless a mate of a mate sorts something out for the Families Officer.




Gadaffi - 1. Mad Libyan dictator with dodgy shades. 2. Cockney rhyming slang for NAAFI facilities. e.g. Colonel Gadaffi. See NAAFI, Colonel, and Bop.


Gat - see Shoota.


Geffrey - Heavies and Leckies that work in GEF.


Gen - Information, as in ’Pukka gen’ , ’good gen’. You quite often have to go to Gen Office to see the scribblies to get gen about your dets.


Gen Office - A place where the shiney scribblies hang out, where you can get good gen about claims. Also called PSF or Man Servs and it is run by the chief  Scribbly.


Gimp – A cross between a Chimp and a Gunt.


Gimpy - Nickname for a G.P.M.G., pronounced jimpy. Bloody heavy Gat. See gun.


Gizzit - 1. Something loaned on the understanding that you are very interested in purchasing the product (but you know you’re not). 2. A leaving gift, that will shortly be consigned to the bin or loft.


Gob Shite - One who likes the sound of his own voice and can’t keep his gob shut and exercise detatchment rules. See also detatchment rules.


Gob Shop - The place where the gob doctor hangs out and everyone else tries to avoid.


GongThe decoration worn on the no. 1 uniform or one’s blazer in the case of the Legion. Usually awarded when you’ve worked in a dangerous place. E.g. A pizza palace in Goia del Colle.


Greens - A generic term used for olive green or disruptive pattern kit. Includes O.G.s, CS95, D.P.s. See also puttees, N.I. gloves, bone dome, high legs.


Grow Bag - See Slug.


Grunt - See Pongo


GucciA word used to describe something that is desirable or good quality. E.g. “I just tea-leafed a Gucci Gizzit”.


Guin - Humorous Rock terminology for those of us who actually undertook a meaningful trade training course. E.g. “F*@# Me have you seen the size of that Guin’s pay packet”


G.W.S. – (abbr.) Gulf War Syndrome, A term used to describe a condition attained through sustained alcohol depravation in Middle Eastern countries.


Gun - see Gat, Gimpy SA80, and I.W.


Gun-Gum – Improvised vehicle body filler, used when you prang a wagon and don’t want to get slabbed.




Halfa Chopper - see Hopter, Chopper, Wokka.


HALO - (abbr.) High Altitude, Low Opening. A condition which precedes a parachutist spreading him/herself all over the surrounding countryside.


Hangar Bash - A huge party in a huge building for any reason you can think of, always an excuse for getting a shed on.


Hangar Rat - The term used to describe those poor bastards who are forced to work in the fish bowl with the big badges and heads of sheds looking at them.


H.A.S. - (abbr.) abbreviation for Hardened Aircraft Shelter where the Linies hang out and the Tonkas are parked.


Head Shed – Top dog, head snodge, Big Badge who is in charge of the whole shebang.


Helmet - Top Blart or sometimes a highly desirable item,  freebie or gizzit.


Helmut - The German spelling of the above word. A comical German name.


Hoop Snogger - The name given to one who is adept at kissing ass.


Hopter - Also known as a Halfa Chopper. I.e. a chopper that isn’t a wokka.


Hot Refuel - This is when a wokka or a Hopter come in for some go-go juice and don’t switch the fans off, bloody windy and noisy, and you get the guys from Tiswas running around like blue Arse flies.




I.W. - (abbr.) Individual Weapon, See SA80.




Jargon - See Bumph/Bumf


Jelly Tots - Junior Technicians, big kids that like sweets, and think that they run the joint, (but they don’t!)


Jet - The shite name linies call the plane when they wear raybans and duffs and pretend they used to work at Top Gun.


Jockey - Military aviators who strive to dress like Tom Cruise in Top Gun, drive shite 1960’s rag tops and fall out of the sky with amazing regularity.


Joe SWO - A friend of Harry Staysh, He’s in charge of  discipline  of the whole shebang and gets to wear clicky shoes and carry a stick.


Joining Instructions - See Bumph/Bumf.




K.Hi.P.S. - (Abbr.) pronounced KIPS. Kuwaiti Highway Patrols, Ragheads on motorbikes, ”book him Abdulla bin Singh”.


Kitchen pass - Something that Scaleys strive for on a Bop night, enabling them to go out, get hammered and get back in without enduring the wrath of her indoors.


Kite – Alternative name given to a jet, usually a big jet like a Timmy, Tommy or a Vicky 10.


Knock it on the head - See early stack, stand down.





LandLine - The thing phones use when they are not mobile phones. .


L.M.T.C. - Crane Testers(Lifting Machine Test Centre) ‘Lagered Men Taking Chances’, dangerous blokes that visit your unit, get pissed, fuck your forklifts, then leave again.


Luger - As in “you’ve been Lugered” Means that once again you have been volunteered for something that the Big Badges can’t be bothered to do themselves. See also Stiffed, Shafted..




Main Drag - The longest most windswept road in the world, that runs through every RAF camp, and where you are sure to get nicked for speeding at least once .


Mess - places where slop jockeys serve up muck.


Miscrit - Pronounced ‘mishcrit’ The term cabbies use when they want their u/s wagon back in a hurry, or used by fitters when they want some bits off the stackers on a ‘05’.


Movers - Like a cross between a stacker and a liney, (hangs around planes but doesn’t have any qualifications)


M.R.C.A. - The Tornado Swing-Wing Multi Role Combat Aircraft also known as a Tonka, It is worth remembering that, “it don’t mean a thing if the wings don’t swing”.


Muscle Mech. - Those of the clenched buttock cheeks who strut their stuff at the gym, and beast trainees.


Mushrooms - 1.small fungusy dome shaped veggie thing. 2. A term used to describe tradespersons usually below the rank of Sgt. e.g. we’re fed on shit and kept in the dark.




Nav - A jockey wannabe who didn’t quite make the grade, but gets to sit behind the jockey and make ‘V’ signs at his head, still gets shit loads of pay and gets to read the map and ’drop some sunshine


N.I. Gloves - Northern Ireland Gloves. Part of your kit, worn with blues or greens. Gucci black leather gloves that used to be rocking horse shit but are now as common as muck.


Nine – Thorneycroft Nubian Major Mark IX, firefighting vehicle, that the stringed fellows don’t like to drive very much.


Nose Bag - 1. Fitted to the pointy bits of Tonkas when they’re on the ground. 2 Those little white boxes of scran you get on Timmy’s and Fat Albert’s.





O’ Club - The Rodney’s equivalent of the Old Folks Home, where wives wear rank, beer is too expensive at tuppence a pint and overstretch and cutbacks are resigned to Mythology (providing they don’t affect flying pay).


‘O’ Group - Orders Group. A meeting where all the big badges and heads of sheds meet at the bird table to thrash out any problems.


Oggie - Members of the Royal Auxiliary Airforce and RAuXAF Regiment. Also Known as Weekend Warriors.


Old Folks Home - Home with old folks in it. Also known as the Sgt.’s Mess, The Legion, Ward 13 and the Chelsea Pensioners Home.


O.M.D.90 - (abbr.) Why call it oil when you can call it ‘Oil Mineral Detergent grade 90’ÓMB1999




Pan - An area where aircraft are parked, and go tits up on a regular basis with their Dunlops dangling.


Pants – A descriptive word used on occasions when something is found to be sub-standard or undesirous.


Para Cord - The string version of bodge tape, used for absolutely everything.


Parish Council - The name given to the committee of the Church (R.C.).To be granted respect at all times.


Planters – A name given to mufftie day at the Old Folks Home. I.e. dress casually.


Plop Jockey - The poor bastard Cabby that has to drive the Boggy Truck and can get about 3p a day extra for the privilege.


PODL - (abbr.) Pronounced ‘podle’. Means Post Operational Detatchment Leave.


POETS Day - (abbr.) Piss Off Early Tomorrow’s Saturday. Alas not as common place as they once were, especially at Bruggen. See also Early Stack, Knock It on the Head and Stand down.


Pongo - Generic term used to describe our colleagues in the Army. “Where ever the Army goes, that’s where the pong goes.


Puddle Jumper - 1. A mackintosh and Wellington boot equipped youngster who likes to leap in puddles. 2. A lightweight air portable series III Landrover, frequently seen painted yellow and in the hands of weekend warriors.


Pukka - 1. Pukka Pies sold out of date, and in a variety of flavours at the Colonel Gadaffi. 2. Pukka Gen, fact, truth.


Purple Piss - A genuine gesture of sympathy, i.e. “ my heart bleeds purple piss for you mate, now get your shit together or I’ll f@#$* charge you”.


Push Back- 1. Something a cabby does in his tug so that the Vicky Ten or Timmy is pointing in the right direction before winding up its fans. 2. Something you get from a WRAF in the Church when you’ve had too many sherbets.




Rat Shit - To turn to rat shit, Another term used to describe a bag of nails.


Repat Chit - Repatriation Confirmation, Gozome Ticket


R.H.I.P. - (abbr.) ‘Rank has its privileges’, a statement that precludes being jacked, lugered or stiffed  by a Snek.


Rockette - A new breed of female Auxiliary Regiment personnel.


Rodney – One who frequents the ‘O’ Club, and is friends with Rupert. Jockeys and Navs are Rodneys.


Roger Banisters - (slang) Four minute miles (piles)


Rotors Running - A term used to describe a wokka, or Hopter when the fans are on and they have achieved Blade Sail.


Rozzers- See Feds.


Run-Around - 1. 1970’s kids TV production featuring Mike Read. 2. A MT Vehicle acquired by a section for ‘admin.’ purposes, such as butty runs and bimbles.


Rupert – A good friend of Rodney. See also Rodney, Big Badge and ‘O’ Club.





S.A. 80 - (abbr.) Small Arms of the 80’s. See Gimpy


SAC - (abbr.) Sweepers and Cleaners, sometimes Sideways Ambling C#*t


S.B.A.P.C.F. - (abbr.) Extreme profanication used amongst 34 Sqn Regt Eng. Guin’s. Means shit, bugger, arse-hole, piss, cock, fart. Can be used instead of “ goodness gracious that smart somewhat”.


Scaley – opposite of Singly. The term used to describe one who is hitched, lives in married quarters and uses the families Gadaffi.


Scaley Brat – The offspring of a Scaley, see also jail bait.


Schnelly - Found in BFG. A place to go post lash-up for some desperately needed civvy scran.


Scribbly - See Shiny.


Scuffer - Those of the White Hat and red epaulets. See also Rozzers, Feds, and Snowdrops.


Sex Pest - Bean stealers and singly sneks that leave the Old Folks Home on a Thursday night and go to the Gadaffi Bop to check out the blart.


Shebang – General term used to describe the whole outfit. E.g. “you see that big badge over there, he’s head shed of the whole shebang. Tonkas, wokkas the works” Also known as the big picture.


Shag’n’Shuffle - See Gadaffi Bop.


Sheriff - Head Shed of the RAF Feds


Shiny - A term used to describe a Scribbly. I.e. shiney buttock area of ones trousers, attained with ease from sitting on one’s arse.


Shoota - See I.W


Single Man, Single fan -  Harrier jump jet. One jockey and one engine, this one’s for brave or stupid bastards, because if you accidentally switch the ignition off, you’re probably going to have to bale out over the oggin.


Slabbed - See Crated.


Slammer - 1. A drink involving Tequila. 2. A door Slammer, See also Cabby.


Slop Jockey - One who serves slops from behind a stainless steel barricade, without which they would get probably get more abuse than they already do. They are unique in being the only trade that has not passed a training course.


Slug - Alternative name for a Grow-bag. Also called a sleeping bag. It’s always good to climb into your slug when you’re sleeping rough under bivvy on the bondu.


Speed Tape - The metal sellotape that is used to fix Damian 705 Timmy when he’s ‘Tits up on the pan’ at Asci, so that the Big Badge Jockey can get the gozome bird back to Blighty in time for tiffin at the ‘O’-Club.


Sprog – 1. Also known as a sproglet. The term used to describe the spawn of a Scaley. 2. One who hasn’t been in the mob as long as an old guy has had leave.


SQINTO - (abbr.) Squadron Intelligence Officer, the bloke who has all the hot poop and pukker gen. See ‘Hot Poop, Pukker.


Squipper - A safety equipment fitter, the jockey and nav hope the squipper has got it right when they have to bang out over the bondu when the jet goes tits up.


Snek - 1. Sometimes used as another word for a nose. 2. A name given to a member of the Chelsea Pensioners Home who seemingly has had his spine removed.


Snowdrops - RAF Feds, So called because of their White hats, which they wear so you can see them coming. See also Rozzers, Feds, and Scuffers.


S.O.P. - (abbr.) Standard operating procedure or the’ norm’, the way we always do things.


Stag On - The practice of wearing your greens, grabbing a gat and standing at the camp gates on guard bloody freezing, and usually with a rozzer in attendance.


Standdown - Gash time off work, or an early knock off, awarded depending on rank. I.e. you haven’t a chance if you’re a SAC.


State One - A tannoyed message that precedes impending doom and another £25M bill for the taxpayer, and causes an egress of personnel from their work place for a butchers-hook at the fire works.


State Two - Not as much fun as a State One, but a good excuse for the stringed fellows to jump in their nines, tens, and elevens and get the blues and twos blaring.


Staysh - Harry Staysh, the Head honch big badge bloke (or Blart) who is in charge of the whole Shebang.


Stringed Fellow - Those who get issued string vests (firemen).


Sunshine – Explosions. I.e. “ the Tonka’s tooled up and I’m off to drop some sunshine over Baghdad, wait for the fireworks”


Swamp - The practice of swamping is that of wetting ones bed and/or clothing after getting a shed on.




Ten – 1. Vicky 10 for carrying passengers. 2. Tanker Ten, a Vicky 10 that does in-flight refuelling. 3. Mark X Carmichael fire fighting vehicle that looks like a small Eleven.


Throw one up - To offer punctilious salutations to a commissioned big badge, especially Harry Staysh.


Timmy - Tommy the TriStar’s brother with loads of seats to take you on shite dets, and back again.


TISWAS – 1. 1970/80s kids program hosted by Chris Tarrant and Sally James and featuring the phantom flan flinger. 2. Tactical Supply Wing (T.S.W.) Stackers in greens who undertake many hot refuels of wokkas and other rotors running exercises.


Titfor - (slang) A Hat. E.g. Tit for tat cockney rhyming slang.


Tits Up - A phrase used to describe unservicability. E.g. The Timmy’s tits up on the pan.


Three Banana - Common term used to describe the rank of SGT, when in the Church to avoid being fined for mentioning rank in the bar. See also Church, RC, and Two Banana.


TRAMED - (abbr.) Sequence of hazards (Tail rotor, Radio, Air intake, Main Rotor, Exhaust, Downwash) encountered by the members of TISWAS when undertaking a Hot Refuel or other Rotors Running exercises.


Trapping -’ To trap some flap’. An alternative phrase for ‘bagging some blart’.


Trapping Trousers/Trapping Gear - The clothes you wear when you go out trapping.


Trim the Flaps - 1. Procedure undertaken by a jockey to aid descent of his kite. 2. Advice given to a woman by her boyfriend when her bomb-bay doors become too large, or the organ starts to look very small in the opera house


Trolley Dolly - Stewardesses who have been rejected by civilian airlines because they are too ugly and have fat ankles, but think they’re it when they serve you on the gozome flights from F.I.


Tonka – Panavia Tornado MRCA, as in two’s up in a Tonka with the toasters lit.


Tourex - Your tourex date is usually confirmed just before you gozome and is usually on your re-pat chit.


Turning And Burning - A descriptive term used for rotors running exercises on wokkas and  hopters. see also Hot Refuel, TRAMED.


Two Banana - Similar to Three Banana, but for the rank of CPL.


Toasters - The hot noisy bit at the back of a plane where flames shoot out, as in, “light the toasters I’m bloody starving” ÓGOLDSTAR GRIPPER1999


Tommy - Timmy the TriStar’s sister with hardly any seats, but loads of room for bluies and parcels.


Top Gun – A training video for Rodney Jockeys, which addresses the deportment aspect of being a military aviator.


Twin Man, Twin Fan - A jet that has two noisy toasters, and a jockey and nav (wannabe jockey) arguing over whose turn it is to fly the jet.




Valley Commandos – A frightening group of Neanderthal Welsh women from the valleys in South Wales, that used to descend upon St. Athan on Gadaffi Bop night with their daughters, mothers and grand mothers, and would abduct any young airman they chose for use in depraved sexual antics.


VC Tenderness - Gozome time, as in “my turn for a little VC Tenderness.”


Vicky Ten - VC10, The Wondrous roar of the four is a sound to behold when it’s gozome time on those dets.


Volunteer - 1. Civilian term used to describe one who would like to offer his/her services to aid a cause. 2. Military term used to describe one that has just been stiffed to perform a duty he/her positively does not want to do.





Wagon – A name used to describe the vehicles that the cowboys in M.T.S.S fix and then use to go on bimbles and butty runs.


Ward 13 - Infamous part of Wroughton Hospital, which held regular basket weaving, courses for members of the forces. Also an annex of most Sgt.’s messes.


Walt -  Walter Mitty, a character in a novel by James Thurber.
Basically Walt lives in a variety of dreamworlds well outside his drab actual existence.
Hence, Walt has come to mean, in military circles, those who pretend to have service which they do not have. Usually, uber-walts pretend to have served with the SAS, SBS, 14 Company etc. It is an international phenomenon and some even boast decorations etc, purchased from car boot sales


Weekend Warriors - Persons who get so little out of their sad little lives that they have to dress up and play soldiers or play with gliders at weekends.


Wilders – Where you live if you didn’t get Bruggers, Elmpt or Bracht.


Witters – Rodney name for Wittering.


Wobbly Orange  - Warrant Officer. The Wo-man from the old folks home, usually senile, frequently without gongs.


Wokka - Twin Fan hopter with a dubious serviceability record. Like a chopper version of a Fat Albert.


Wrinkly – The name given to those who frequent or are resident in the old folks home. See also Snek.


Wyters – Rodney name for Wyton




Ying Yang - Descriptive term meaning ‘all over the place’ and lots of it, for example “I’ve got paperwork coming out of the ying yang.”




Zobit - Another term used to describe those who frequent the ‘O’ Club. See also Rodney, Rupert and Jockey.


Zulu - The time in Africa or something like that, no-one really seems to know.


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