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other related artwork

Many countries produce posters or artwork which is related to Flight Safety.

In many cases, simple pictures are all that is needed to get the message over. In other cases complex instructions are provided to "hammer home" a message.

On these pages I hope to be able to reproduce some of the posters in my collection.

One of the best series of "ejection seat related" posters was drawn in the style of Gerald Scarfe by MOD graphics artist Dave Frewin.

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Corporate poster from 1956.

Corporate magazine advert from 1957

Another magazine advert from 1957

Advert from FLIGHT, Jan 1958

A classic safety poster from the pen of Dave Frewin

Another Dave Frewin masterpiece

This shows 'Doddy' Hay descending from the first rocket assisted seat test.

Another early MBA advert. The Mk 5 seat was not rocket assisted.

Macabre, but effective!

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