NOTE: These notes are for restorations for non flying seats. They are for display seats and cockpit restorations only.

 If you wish to restore a seat to flying standard you should contact a Martin Baker approved service agent such as SEATSTAr ltd at Duxford. Do not, under any circumstances try to restore a seat to flying standard yourself.

Bear in mind that ejection seats are a potential danger. Any seats in the public domain should have been cleared of any and all explosive. BUT if in doubt, find out!!!

The following pointers are for guidance only:

1.    Find out what type of seat was fitted to the aircraft (cockpit) you are interested in.

2.    Try to get some photographs of the seat in question. The IWM at Cosford has a good collection and they are happy for people to photograph the seats.

3.    Find out if anyone else has a similar seat or cockpit. The  International cockpit club is a great place to start.

4.    You will not finish a strip down and rebuild in a day so take the seat to bits in a safe and secure area. The kitchen table is NOT the place to do this. (sorry Pat!!!) Don't let any kids use bits as a substitute for meccano! (sorry Alex!)

5.    Most parts for early seats are available. Ask and I will advise. If I don't know, I know a man who does! Seats after the Mark 7 series are harder to source parts for, but not impossible.

6.    Take photo's as the project progresses. Its a great help in future and a valuable resource for others.


To see some seat restorations click on the buttons below:

Mk 10 restoration

Mk 3B restoration