The Mark 10 Rebuild

The Mark 10 was delivered in about 1,000 pieces. (no I did not count them, but it seemed like it). See the gallery to see the breakdown.

The seat had come from an RAF Marham Tornado and was quite damaged in the seatpan and headbox area. There was a stack of spares included including a brand new seat pan.

PSP box complete

New saet Pan fitted to the main beam

Sideview of the new seat pan

The old seatpan with all the anciliary bits attatched

The rocket pack from the old seat

One crunched headbox

The complete harness

Bits, bits and more bits

And more bits.....

....and more bits...

....yes you guessed...

just a couple of nuts and bolts!!!!

Now where is that spanner


So one week later.......

The seatpans were different...both from Mk 10's but some mods were needed to fit all the bits from the damaged seatpan. This was acceptable for a display seat.

quartering shot..The nose is from a Mk 6 Hunter.

Top left hand side. Note the missing Drougue gun.

The right hand side. Rocket pack painted white.


Many thanks to Nick, Jo and Roger for their help in the project.

Thanks to SEATSTAR LTD for guidance and advice