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Just as important as having an ejection seat that works when you need it is having the rest "of the kit" in fine working order.

Probably the most important is the parachute. Who packs your 'chute?

If you work to military standards the chute should be repacked every 200 or so days. No problem if your the RAF or USAF, you just remove the parachute container and slap on a newly packed one in its place.

Its a bit more of a problem in "civvy street" though as the support infrastructure isn't there to back you up.  Or is it?

Del Hall at SES based in Wiltshire, UK can give you that support. They are the sole global Martin Baker Aircraft Ltd commercial-approved Escape Systems maintenance and supply company for Ejection Seats, Seat Fabric Components and Cartridges.

SES have the equipment, knowledge, and dedication and certification to support all civilian-owned ex-military ejection seat survival equipment, from parachutes to seat harnesses, leg restraints, life-rafts, PSPs (survival packs), SARBE beacons, life-preservers, pyrotechnics, helmets, oxygen systems and a whole host of other life-support kit.

So, whether you need kit, advice or service give them a call on :

Tel 01666 575345

Fax: 01666 575375

Website:       Survival Equipment Services

or e-mail Del on or by snail mail to:

SES Ltd, Unit E, Chelworth, Malmesbury, Wilts, SN16 9SG  United Kingdom

Seatstar have been taken over locks, seat and drogue gun (so to speak) by the team at SES Ltd. They have the full backing of MBA and have opened a new division at the Chelworth facility JUST TO SERVICE MARTIN BAKER SEATS. They have the best squippers, ragheads and bombheads in the business on board and are awaiting your call.



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