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Dear Martin Baker,

I am the owner of a jet that has one of your seats in it. I'm not sure if it is live, and as I'm qualified to fly it I would like to know if the seat will work if I need it to. I've got a good tool kit and if you can send me a new set of cartridges and a DIY guide to fitting I'm sure I could cope........

Not a likely scenario but one which must raise its head now and again.

It's nice to know that the seat will work as advertised if ever needed.

So where do you go to get that ejection seat serviced? The only recognised (by Martin Baker Ltd) company is SES SAFETY Ltd.

These guys are the best in the business and actually work with MBA. They are all ex RAF and are the best in the business.

They carry the biggest spares list for MB seats in civvy street. If they don't stock it, "they know a man who does" as the saying goes.

Del Hall at SES based in Wiltshire, UK can give you that support. They are the sole global Martin Baker Aircraft Ltd commercial-approved Escape Systems maintenance and supply company for Ejection Seats, Seat Fabric Components and Cartridges.

SES have the equipment, knowledge, and dedication and certification to support all civilian-owned ex-military ejection seat survival equipment, from parachutes to seat harnesses, leg restraints, life-rafts, PSPs (survival packs), SARBE beacons, life-preservers, pyrotechnics, helmets, oxygen systems and a whole host of other life-support kit.

So, whether you need kit, advice or service give them a call on :

Tel 01666 575345

Fax: 01666 575375

or e-mail Del on or by snail mail to:

SES Ltd, Unit E, Chelworth, Malmesbury, Wilts, SN16 9SG  United Kingdom


No more hollow promises.

So, if you need some kit, advise or service give them a call on :




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