Hunter Squeeze!


The following story was witnessed and verified to the author and was apparently reported in "Airclues" the RAF flight Safety magazine.

Webmaster's note: There might be just a small amount of Urban Myth about this one!


Date:    Early 1960's

Place:    RAF Wattisham, England.


A rather chubby instrument fitter wearing a winter 'cold weather' anorak was working in the cockpit (delving in the space behind the instrument panel) of a Hawker Hunter. The canopy had been removed for servicing. Suddenly he heard the click of a seat sear being removed and a clockwork mechanism (main gun firing mechanism?) running. The seat ejected and went through the hanger roof amongst a clatter of dropped tools and strange toilet like smells.

The techies were surprised to hear a muted "Get me out of here!" coming from the smoking Hunter.

The fitter had wriggled into the space in front of the seat, under the instrument panel and was now firmly wedged into the very small space.

The duty crash crew had to be called to cut him out and in so doing totalled the aircraft.

Subsequent tests showed that there was no way that the fitter could get himself into the space available....but he did!