the test dummy

On this page we will look at how seat testing is undertaken, both by modern test dummies and in the past by live "Guinea Pigs".


1.    Wind Tunnel Tests.

The following series of pictures show  1/3 size cast alloy wind tunnel figures.

They are thought to be manufactured by Martin Baker.

It is thought they were used when designing the NACES series of seats and would have been used for wind tunnel laminar flow testing of various configurations of ejected aircrew.

The photos were taken on a visit to New York by Jim and the figures are the property of Kevin Koyne who is the webmaster of The Ejection Site.

2.    Early seat tests

The Germans were early innovators in the ejection seat field.

Below is a photograph from 1944 of an early test from a grounded Focke Wulf 190. Designed by Her Hans Sander it went into production on the later models of Focke Wulf.  There does exist gun camera footage of this type of aircraft being shot down in action and the pilot ejecting.


3.    Martin Baker Tests

Bernard "Benny" Lynch sits in an early Meteor prior to a live test.

Doddy Hay prior to the first live rocket "zero/zero" test on 1st April 1961.

All strapped in and only one way to go........

Onwards and Upwards at 90mph....