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July 2006

Wanted section updated

Restoration section updated,  What seat was that section updated, Photographs added

January 2006

Wanted section updated

Autumn 2005

Odds and Sods added and general site tweaking

March 2005

General site tweaking

September 2004

Added the TEST DUMMY page

Before today a few odds and ends had been added.

August 2004

Added more pictures of other enthusiasts seats

July 2004

Added some pictures to Jims Mk 4 page

May 2003

Seat restoration

Read how a classic jet is having ejection seats refitted!

Also.........More stuff for sale

January 2003

New links to interesting kindred sites

January 2003

New Photos of Jim's Mk 7A Seat.

January 2003

Testing seats at Martin Baker Aircraft

January 2003

Seat upgrade. Going from a Mk 4 to a Mk 6, What happened!

December 2002

SEATSTAR is for sale

December 2002

VERY RARE Mk H7 Martin Baker seat with fully kitted manikin.

December 2002

Helmet Collection for sale

23rd October 2002

New Technical Pages. Gives information of a more technical nature on ejection systems.